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nicki minaj gets shamed for having an ass and taylor swift gets shamed for having none…. you cant fucking win if youre a woman i swear to god

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those tumblr mutuals you rlly want to be friends with but are too cool for you

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making an audio out of ‘who we are’ is like really good money bc we all know we’re gonna buy both versions for the pics and the voices

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Something`s changed between Damon and me…

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We do have a lot of moments where we’re all overwhelmed by the reaction of how many fans there are. When we pull out of venues and they’re all standing there, it’s really amazing for us to have that fan base. Our fans are just so amazing and supportive! We’re really thankful. We love our fans. We love how crazy they are. They just make us feel good and confident.
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"DNA was one of our favorite songs. We thought it would be such a sick name for an album. We believe that what we’re doing now was always in our DNA. We were born for this. We thought it was a nice title.” - Perrie Edwards talking about the DNA album.

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